Hiring fee will be the equivalent of USD 1500 or USD 30 per head whichever is the greater for each function during a booking. Professional supervision is a basic requirement including caterers and hire companies. A refundable damage bond may be collected prior to the commencement of the booking, by credit card or t/t.
Strictly enforced noise parameters will be in place, requiring any function to end by 10.30 pm and for service providers to cease operations by 11.00 pm unless a variation is agreed with the property owner.

ALL RENTALS Payment, Cancellation and Alteration policy
If your booking is made more than 5 months before commencementthen a 10% deposit is required to confirm the booking. This deposit is non-refundable. At 5 months before commencement a further 40% is required. At 1 month before commencement a further 50% is payable. In the event of cancellation or alteration within 5 months before commencement any deposits, except the first 10%, are only refundable to the extend that a replacement booking is confirmed and paid.

If your booking is made 5 months or less before commencement but before 1 month before commencement, a 50% deposit is payable to confirm. At 1 month before commencement a further 50% is payable. In the event on cancellation or alteration within 5 months before commencement any deposits, except the first 10%, are only refundable to the extent that a replacement booking is confirmed and paid.

If your booking is made 1 month before commencement full payment (100%) is payable to confirm the booking. In the event of cancellation or alteration the full payment is only refundable, except the first 10%, to the extent that a replacement booking is confirmed and paid.

This policy is not negotiable and we strongly advise that clients take appropriate measures to protect themselves in the event of cancellation and alteration to their booking.

*Commencement means the day the booking period commences.

From time to time we all require a little extra time to vacate our rental premises. We, the villa owners, understand this and in return you, the guest, must understand that a late check out reduces or completely eliminates the prospect of us being able to sell the villa for that night. It also requires us to pay extra staff charges and all the substantial associated costs of running the villa. Bearing this in mind and because we are always being asked about late check out we have implemented a policy to deal with this issue.
The only way to guarantee a late check out based on availability, that is after 12.00 noon Bali time is to book and pay for it prior to the regular check out time.
If you request a late check out during your stay the decision to offer a late check out is entirely at the owners discretion and charges may apply.

The websites for Villa Iluka (www.villailuka.com) and Villa Midori (www.villamidori.com) set out, in the rates and availability section, the minimum stay requirement for the various booking periods. We retain the right to vary the prescribed length of stay at our discretion.

A maximum of 14 adults pax + 7 children can be accommodated at Villa Iluka, a maximum of 19 pax + 6 children can be accommodated at Villa Midori unless otherwise explicitly agreed in writing by the owner. All requests for early arrivals or late departures will be considered but may result in additional fees in some circumstances. At check in you will be asked to provide credit card details which will only be charged in the event of excessive breakages or damage and any additional cleaning services delivered as requested.

Guests are to show consideration for the neighbors and maintain noise to a reasonable level, in particular between 10pm to 8am. Excessive noise will not be tolerated and may result in eviction.

No pets are allowed into any property except if approved by the owner prior to the rental commencing.

Whilst every effort is made to have everything in full working order for your holiday, unforeseen issues can sometimes arise such as air-conditioners breaking down or appliances becoming faulty. If this occurs during your stay, please notify us on the contact details supplied to you at check in time so we can try to resolve it quickly and as efficiently as possible. Sometimes getting a tradesperson to attend immediately or on a weekend is very difficult. Your patience is appreciated until we have the issue resolved. Unless a situation is dangerous, no refund will be given for unforeseen faults. For reasons of safety, we reserve the right to enter the property to repair any fault.

All personal belongings, baggage, vehicles and other property of the guests of any description shall be the risk of the guest at all times and the owner does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage thereto. If personal belongings are left at the property after departure, the guest must pay for postage of the items. This will be charged to the guests’ credit card.

We appreciate that the property will be returned to us in the condition presented on arrival. Any excessive cleaning required will incur additional charges. Breakages and/or damage not caused by normal wear and tear will be billed to your credit card upon departure. Please note that it is not our intention to charge for the replacement of minor amounts of crockery or glassware which is accidentally broken.

The guests agree that any injury or death that occurs at the property during their stay is their own responsibility unless caused by a direct act of negligence by the owner or staff and further that they have warranted that the property is suitable for their own particular accommodation needs. In particular for the Bali villas we require all clients to consider the need for fencing around the swimming pool which is available upon request at both villas.

Upon arrival you will be asked to verify that you have understood and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions by signing an acceptance form.